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The Mathematics Diagnostic Test is a 120 minute (2 hours) multiple-choice exam that tests precalculus skills. Students receive the results in a format that includes individual test results for eight specific precalculus areas. The result-sheet indicates which skills the student has mastered, which skills require review, and which require substantial review.

The test scores are used by the Registrar as one of the criteria for enrollment in Math 1, Math 3A and Math 31A. It is recommended that students retake the Math Diagnostic Test when the score is older than one academic year.

If your enrollment in a math course hinges upon your MDT score, take the test as early as possible. If you postpone taking the test until the final sitting, the section you wish to enroll in may be full, and you may have to enroll in a section at an inconvenient time.

Replacing an old MDT score with a new score:

Students can only attempt and retake the test once each term. If students are unable to reach a desired score after the retake, students will have to wait until the next quarter the exam is offered to take the test again. The most recent score replaces earlier MDT scores, even if the most recent score is lower than the previous score.